Crazy Beast Studio
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Give this list a close look and you'll notice some things. A lot of thought and care was put into choosing and finding the items on this list. This studio houses some truly great and "off the beaten path" equipment.

The format
Pro Tools LE 7.4/Digi003 fed by the AD/DA devices below. See approach for the method to the madness.

Studer 269 Broadcast Console
14 channel (mic pre/line), 4 bus with limiter on each
Lotsa transformers. Sweet EQ. Quad panning!
Modded for direct out, post eq on most channels.
Garrison Keillor's (Prairie Home Companion) broadcast board until recently.

Cranesong Spider - 8 channels of the the best AD/DA with sweet harmonics/saturation effects.
Cranesong HEDD - Two more channels of the above, and also my monitoring D/A.
Mytek AD/DA 8x96 - New acquisition! These things rock!
Both are so much better than stock convertors it's not even funny.

Mic Pres
Great River MP2H - Everything I was doing started sounding a lot better after I got this. Made by a genuinely nice and brilliant guy on the outskirts of the metro.
Telefunken V78 - lotsa tubes, AC701's no less. I am now happy with a 57 on snare and DI bass guitar.
API 3124 - 4 channels. Mighty handy. Somewhere in-between the above two sonically.
Helios Island Module - The sound of the records you grew up to!
Lomo tube pre
DW Fearn VT-I/F - Two Channel tube di

Cranesong Trakker(x2) - Incredible. Made in Superior, WI which I forgive them for.
Empirical Labs Distressor - With Brit mod. Highly addictive. Perfect match for the Trakker.
RNC - 2 stereo units, in a Funk Logic rack, natch. Way better than they should be.
DBX 163x - One slider. Cool once in a blue moon.

Lomo 19a19 - My U87.
Lomo 19a18 - Late 50 to early 60's tube mic from Russia. Continues to surprise.
Lomo 19a33 - Stereo fet
Royer R121 - The star quarterback.
B+O BM5 Ribbon mic
Blue Dragonfly - frequently awesome on vocals.
Beyer M-260DX - Stephen Sank RCA 77 mod. Instant 70's vocal sound.
Beyer 201 supercardiod - snare superstar
Beyer 101 omni
Neumann KSM105
Oktava MC012 - 2, with all 3 capsules and shockmounts. I have had nothing but great luck with these, both for studio and live work.
Oktava M1 - large diaphragm head for MC012
Oktava ML52 Ribbon
Oktava MK219
AKG D224e - dual element, dynamic weirdo. My friend Justin from Roll Music studio loaned my other one and now does not want to return it.
Sennheiser 421 -two newer black, one white one formerly with a Telefunken badge
Sennheiser 441
Shure KSM 137
Shure SM57
Shure 58
EV 635 (2)
AKG D112
EV ND868
Rode NTV - tube mic. Sybillant as all hell, but occasionally great.
Rode NT2
Turner SR90 CB -yeah baby!
Various other crappy mics not worth mentioning, but possibly perfect for something.

Kurzweil KSP 8 - 4 bus, more effects than I know what to do with. Cool plate and other verbs but not as nice as...
Cranesong Ibis EQ - Flexible enough you can make just about anything sound really good, or really bad.
Ursa Major Spage Station - Reissue Delay/Reverb unit. From nice slaps to full on weirdness.
Demeter RV1 - Modern spring reverb. Long and short decay. The absolute coolest. You should record here just to use this!
RMS 8 channel analog summing unit - The cure for digi-itis.
MXR Blue Rackmount Delays - The mack daddy, of which I have 5 or so different units. I shit you not.
Lexicon Vortex - Morphing weirdo. I could and should spend a lot of time programming this thing. Someday I shall.
Alesis AirFX - Don't laugh. This is way cooler than you'd expect. The AirSynth on the other hand...
SPL Stereo Vitalizer - Not great for it's intended purpose, but pretty darn cool for mult's and overdubs.
Urei 532 EQ
Way too many guitar pedals. Cool old ones. You know, MXR, Electro-Harmonix, ADA, etc.

Fender Pro Reverb - early 70's 40 watt with original speakers. Restored to blackface circuitry by the fine fellows at Professional Instrument Repair. They rule, and the amp screams! A nice pleasant scream that is.
Fender Twin Reverb - severely messed with, master volume, pre and post gain. Sounds like a cross between a Fender and a Marshall.
Traynor YGM3 - Original amperex tubes. Verb and tremolo like no other amp.
Ampeg B-15 Portaflex - From the 60's and basically how a bass is supposed to sound.. Guild Thunderbass - Weird and cool on both bass and guitar
Fender Pro JR - Small, loud, cranky.
Ashdown ABM 300 bass head - sounds great. The DI sounds quite good. Just got it rewired to use 110 voltage. Now I need a good cabinet for it though...
Roland Cube bass/keyboard amp - Surprisingly good bass tone. Donated by those fine boys in Idaho (the band) once when they came through town.

Various Gretsch Roundbadge, Ludwig, Slingerland drums
Lots of snares and cymbals
64 Fender Jaguar
80's Strat
Danelectro Hodad
1950's Gibson Blue Ridge acoustic
Fender bass (thank you Zak)
Kramer Travis Bean copy (again, thank you Mr. Sally)
Ibanez Talman
Upright piano
Nord Lead
Farfisa Ace
Accordian - Italian, lotsa knobs, sounds great. Thanks mom!
Casio CZ1000 Keyboard - hook it up to Propellerheads Reason and synth out. Lotsa cool possibilities and sounds surprisingly good.
Assorted other doo-dads, noisemakers, and pink guitars.

Computer Junk
This list gets out of date constantly. So take the following with a grain of salt...
Waves Platinum Bundle - Every plugin you could possibly want, and no it is NOT a cracked version. Includes the L2 make you way too loud plugin (It's way better than the L1 was though in my opinion).
Bomb Factory Fairchild - The only plugin compressor that I have liked much thus far.
URS and Sony Oxford EQ plug-ins.
Reason - Even I can dig MIDI when it's like this.
Zip drive
Various other audio utilities and noisemakers.

Yamaha NS-10s (powered by a genuine Scott tuner)
Event ASP8
Studer console speaker

Furman HDS6 -Headphone system with plenty remote units
Lots of different headphones
Little Lab Red Eye - DI and Reamp tool
Sony PCM 2700 DAT
Nakamichi Cassette deck
TDIF->Lighpipe Converter (for transferring from Tascam recorders
Mini PA and monitors
Music stands