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04/02/08 - So this should be fairly obvious, but I don't get to updating this site very often.. Too busy working to spend the time to keep it up... Sorry.

Over the last few months (fall 2007 - winter 2008) I recorded the in-studio sessions for Radio K's local show and also some out of town acts. This was a lot of fun and most of them are downloadable from the Radio K site. This includes: Shearwater, Daniel Johnston (yep, him), Basia Bulat, Dosh, Andrew Broder (Fog), STNNNG, Doomtree, To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie, Strut and Shock, and possibly others to come.

Well I finally did it! Made a MySpace page for the studio: I'll add a more up-to-date mp3 ot two soon, and hopefully actually post more often! Drop me a msg, email, or be a "friend".

I totally suck at updating my web site! If I didn't hate MySpace I'd set one of those things up - maybe I will one of these days anyway... At any rate, lots of exciting developments in these parts though, including:

Studio Additions: In the last 6 months, we've added on two new tracking rooms - one larger room with some cool*ss wall sized diffusion made of australian wormwood and custom trapping done by the wonderful guys at ModTraps, and a smaller booth for vocals/overdubs - and added a swank little bathroom! My lovely upright piano is now also installed in the original tracking room and sounds wonderful... Pics to come soon (yeah right you say...)!

Recent Projects: Lots of exciting projects going on including recording/producing/mixing the new Andrew Bird record! More info about the project and process here. When this disc comes out it will be your new favorite - for real.

I also recently completed the wonderful new Dosh record entitled "The Lost Take", the Twin Town High Volume 8 compilation, and new CD's for Roma di Luna, Beatrix Jar, Frances Gumm, Popcycle, the Everests, Truthmaze, etc, etc...

Yet again, way too long since a update! I've been busy though - here are some snippets of recent projects:

Twin Town High Volume 6 (co-produced, sequenced, and recorded the Kingdom of Ghosts, Truthmaze, and JG Everest tracks.
Dosh - working on the follow-up to last years record on Anticon records.
JG Everest - two full albums in the works! One that's more songwriter/guitar focused and one that's more electronic.
Unguided Missile - Working on finishing our next album. Download a sample, check on gigs, etc here.

I've been enjoying a set of Mytek 8 channel AD/DA converters that I picked up. They rock and are taking everything I'm working on to a new level...

07/03/03 Wow - I haven't updated the site forever... There has been lots going on here in the last few months so I'll give a quick rundown. Just got back from a two week west coast tour with Fog doing sound. Recent projects include: The Rogue States, Katastrophy Wife, Neotropic (aka Riz Maslen, with Lori Barbero, JG Everest, and others contributing parts), Dosh, Lateduster (DVD and live sound for the performance), The Traces, I Am Onin, Rich Horton, GST, and probably lots of others that I've forgotten... I also produced a series of music and spoken word pieces for National Poetry Month that were featured on KFAI.

Also some cool new gear to report - a 1970's vintage Helios mic pre/eq module. Just got it in and will be checking it out soon, I'm psyched about this little bugger! I also have picked up a 8 channel passive analog summing device (built by my friend Justin over at Rolls Studios) which is now part of my standard mixing process and man does it make things sound great. My Distressor is back at the factory getting the "Brit Mod" added which should add some cool new spice to the mix. And finally, (thanks to Kurt and Marlaine) I am putting the final touches on a honest to goodness plate reverb, which will be a super cool addition to the studio - between it, my spring reverb and the KSP-8 I will have all the reverb choices a person could want!!

02/06/03, The new Rockthrow CD got a nice nod from Dylan Hicks in the City Pages A-List, and apparently was played on MPR's morning show this week!

The Unguided Missile web site is up!

I am Onin have been recording and it is going to be great! Damon has been killin on the kit and there are some sonic delights in store for you. Watch for more news soon.

01/30/03, The new Rockthrow CD has been completed and released. It's full of songs that the old folks and the kids can love and I believe contains some of my best work. Next Thursday, Feb 6th at the Cedar Cultural Center is going to be the CD Release show with a bunch of special guests. Someone should give Kevin a bunch of money and then he and I can keep recording the vast songbook that he has!

The Unguided Missile CD is now available at Amazon, as well as Cheapo (also in the listening stations), the Electric Fetus, Roadrunner, Let it Be, and Oarfolkjokeopus!

I will be adding a bunch more MP3 samples soon.

12/19/02, The Unguided Missile CD is complete (I play guitar in the group)! Fri, Dec 27 2002 at the Turf Club in St. Paul we will be having our release party for the CD. We should be playing around 10 - 10:30, with our pals Ol Yeller headlining. The CD is available at the Electric Fetus currently and more stores very soon. Check out a mp3 sample: Perpetual Outsider, Can't Talk.

Some other items of note -
Jessy Greene/Viovooms record went out today. I had done some miscellaneous tracking for this and also mastered. Lots of various local people contributed to the mixing and tracking. It sounds great.

The Alcohol EP's (on Silber Records) have been released. It contains a track by the Rivulets that I recorded and mixed.

The new Kingdom of Ghosts CD is complete. It was recorded by Rich Mattson and I did the mastering. It rocks.

If Thousands Lullaby CD is also out now. I did some touch up work on it. I also recorded and produced their first disc Candice Recorder. Alan Sparhawk of Low is working on their new release.

Apparently Fifth Element is going to release the KNONAM record. I recorded the vox tracks and did some other miscellaneous work. Eyedea mixed it.

11/17/02, I finally got this site up. Yeah! Lots of projects going on at the Beast right now. Not much time to write about it however, but watch for lots of news soon.

The Lateduster CD's are out and have gotten several very positive reviews in the Star Tribune and City Pages.
The Unguided Missile CD is almost complete and will be getting mastered this week by Mr. Indie Rock Dave Gardner. Watch for the release show Dec 27th at the Turf Club with Ol Yeller.

Several half-intelligent comments from yours truly in the latest City Pages Picked to Click music poll. Several artists that I have worked with did quite well in the polls...

The Beast

There were some nice comments about the new Twin Town High Music Yearbook Volume 5 that I co-produced again this year in the Star Tribune recently. Specifically mentions tracks by Unguided Missile (the band I play in) and Exercise (a track I recorded). Cool.

PACE copy protection sucks! Installed a demo plugin and now another plugin isn't! Argh.

Cursed Digidesign for no wordclock input and/or proprietary clock in their hardware!

There she is - the Crazy Beast herself!

I love the new GearSlutz web forum for studio nuts. Check it out.