Crazy Beast Studio
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Download a 8 minute, 25 song sample mp3 and read feedback from other engineers.

Hello and welcome to the Crazy Beast studio web site. Crazy Beast is a recording studio based in fabulous Northeast Minneapolis, MN and the home of engineer/producer Ben Durrant.

04/02/08 - So this should be fairly obvious, but I don't get to updating this site very often.. Too busy working to spend the time to keep it up... Sorry.

Over the last few months (fall 2007 - winter 2008) I recorded the in-studio sessions for Radio K's local show and also some out of town acts. This was a lot of fun and most of them are downloadable from the Radio K site. This includes: Shearwater, Daniel Johnston (yep, him), Basia Bulat, Dosh, Andrew Broder (Fog), STNNNG, Doomtree, To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie, Strut and Shock, and possibly others to come.

Well I finally did it! Made a MySpace page for the studio: I'll add a more up-to-date mp3 or two soon, and hopefully actually post more often! Drop me a msg, email, or be a "friend".

Other exciting recent things: recording/mixing Andrew Bird, recording/mixing the wonderful new Dosh, studio additions (rooms, bathroom, sound treatment) and more...